Energy and Low Carbon Advice

With the current interest in climate change and rise in energy costs we have noticed increased interest in this section of our business, we have however always as engineers it is our responsibility to ensure that the systems we design are as energy efficient as possible.

As members of the CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants Scheme we our schemes are designed to exceed the requirements of current Building Regulations in relation to carbon emissions.

We have experience in the implementation of all types of low and zero carbon systems including: -

  • Biomass Heating Systems
  • Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Photovoltaic Electric Generation
  • Wind Electric Generation
  • Geo-thermal Heat Pumps
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Absorption Heat Pumps

We also use Energy Plus to allow us to create thermal models of buildings to assess their energy use. Energy Plus allows us to create a model of a building and to quickly assess the how various measures eg solar shading, insulation values, or changing the primary energy source affects energy consumption.