Survey and Reporting

While new build properties do allow us to the opportunity to provide energy efficient systems, there will always be a large proportion of existing buildings that will require our services.

This can start with carrying out with general Condition Surveys which will give advice on the condition of existing installation and whether they are meeting, in an energy efficient manner, the requirements of the client.

We can also provide advice on how best to upgrade or replace existing systems, taking into account how works can be undertaken to minimize disruption to the existing business activities.

We are also experienced in the preparation and agreement of Schedules of Dilapidations. This is a section of property law that allows a landlord to claim damages of a tenant at the end of a lease, by requiring the removal of systems installed by tenants at the end of the lease.

In relation to Schedule of Dilapidations, we can act on behalf of the landlord or tenant and can prepare schedules on either a interim or terminal basis.

We also prepare Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules which give cost advice on the  what would be expected to be spent on the upkeep on engineering systems within a building.